The MurGuard answer to rising damp

The MurGuard Anti-Humidity System is a unique and highly effective waterproof barrier solution. Developed on siliconate solutions, which are inserted in holes drilled in a horizontal joint of the wall to be treated in the form of circular and pre-frozen "ice sticks". The slow defrosting and penetrating process forms a solid repellent barrier against moisture working continuously through diffusion. It is the most efficient method of distributing fluids through masonry . Precise dosages can easily be administered and application costs are thus contained.

MurGuard : The Solution

Installation of a MurGuard damp proofing barrier


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Farewell to humidity problems from rising damp

The MurGuard system is suitable for all types of walls, including brick, stone, and concrete walls, and is particularly effective in the treatment of aging buildings.

  • Installation done by our qualified team

  • Any type of stone or brick

  • Treatment of one side of the wall only

  • Correct dosage, no accidental spillage of liquids, non-flammable, odorless.

A proven technology

The MurGuard system was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in 1975. For more than 40 years the patented process has been proven worldwide. Both owners of historic monuments and individual home owners have trusted the process.

Pierre D. 44

I had a damp problem with walls that are over a meter thick and I started to panic about the choice of treatment.


However, the problem was miraculously solved thanks to Murguard.


Murguard is a damp proof barrier system in frozen form that can be fitted from the outside of the house, so no need to damage the interior fittings, BONUS !!!


I have not had a problem since and I would recommend this system to everyone. An added plus is that it comes with a reassuring 30-year warranty! .


Isabelle T. 62

When I moved into my home 5 years ago I was confronted with salt deposits  and I had deal with  a horrible smell in my living room. I brought in builders and so-called experts; but nothing could resolve the problem.


Last year I discovered the Murguard system by chance and I haven't looked back! 


Now my walls are dry and the smells are gone. In addition, my heating bill was halved. I highly recommend.

Elise & Lucas R, 39 & 45

Our house dates from the 1830s. The stucco on the north side of the ground floor was perpetually peeling off. It had to be redone every 5 years. After a recent home survey we discovered that this was due to rising damp. We chose the Murguard system and ever since we have not had any further problems.

MurGuard customers