If your home is poorly ventilated, you'll notice running windows , musty smells and even black mould stains. The problem is an excess of condensation.

AirGuard:  condensation gone !

The average family of four produces about 10 litres of water a day through daily activities, which contributes to condensation humidity . This moist environment encourages dust mites to multiply and germinate, it is the inhalation of the rotting corpses and excrement of these tiny spiderlike organisms that triggers asthma and indeed many allergies.


Condensation problems occur when there is not enough fresh air in the house to replace stale fetid and humid air. To reduce humidity and improve air quality, it takes an average of four air changes per hour. This requires ventilation of the entire house and not only localized areas. Visible signs such as running windows and black mould are usually found in the coldest parts of the house and not necessarily in the areas that produce the most moisture.


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Air Guard is a powerful remedy against condensation moisture and mould. Our partners invented this ventilation strategy in 1972, and our flagship range has since become the preferred ventilation system for over one million homes in Europe.

  • Fresh, clean air is continually drawn into the loft space through the natural breathing points in the attic.

  • This air is filtered and gently enters the house through a central corridor diffuser, eliminating fine air particles, including pollen and traffic pollutants.

  • Clean air dilutes, displaces and replaces stale and contaminated air, flushing moisture through the natural ventilation points in the house.

  • This process creates a healthy living environment where condensation can not exist. This protects the fabric of the building from damage and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Clinical trials have proven that VPSA * reduces dust mite allergens, thus minimising asthma attacks and respiratory allergic reactions.

The answer to your mould
and condensation problems. Put the  
MurGuard elephant in the room! 

condensation eliminated



Damp, mouldy, smelly?

give it some Nellie and get rid with MurGuard 

AirGuard - The definitive solution against condensation in the home

Murguard is proud to introduce Air Guard, the next generation of VPSA. Benefitting from the latest patented technology the AirGuard range the most energy-efficient range of VPSAs on the market.

  • A patented heating design that consumes 20% less energy than the competition.

  • System control sensors and switches save energy and improve air quality

  • Ultra-wide filters for maximum efficiency

  • Circular ceiling diffuser for 360 ° constant distribution

  • Controls built into the diffuser so no need to climb into the loft space to change or maintain the unit.

  • Filters to be replaced every 5 years *

  • Complete, maintenance-free manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind.

  • FREE  no obligation feasibility study and installation plan 

  • Installed by our experienced technicians

MurGuard VPSA illustrated:

Will I need extractor fans?

In the majority of cases, there is no need for additional extractor fans. We only recommend the use of extractor fans when the air from the diffuser needs pass under two doors before reaching a wet room, or when the wet room does not have an openable window. Our consultants will be able to identify your needs and offer you the appropriate solution.

Homes without loftspace

The MurGuard IP is a low-energy, self-regulating positive ventilation system (VPSA) , suitable for properties without loft space. It can also be used to ventilate basements, cellars and other areas that would benefit from a continuous supply of filtered fresh air.


Conveniently located inside the house, this energy-efficient unit introduces fresh, filtered air into the home at a continuous flow rate, ensuring a minimum of allergens and improving the quality of the indoor air. Like the standard VPSA, the MurGuard IP is designed with built-in heating, thus tempering the air introduced into the property.

Stella B. 59

We were ready to try anything to stop the humidity in our house. We ordered the Airguard. We noticed an improvement after waking up the next morning and after two days of operation, we had no condensation or black marks - it works! The air in our house is drier. Two weeks have passed and still no condensation, in spite of very wet weather outside.

Joseph T. 65

I had problems with condensation and mildew when I moved into my home 35 years ago. I finally bought an AirGuard unit in March and it has been working ever since. The system cured my house's mould problems in two days!

Olivier P, 45

The AirGuard IP is great. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It's so much cheaper than redecorating! All black mould stains are gone and for the first time, I breathe fresh air in my room! I don't need to redecorate and my parquet floor has stopped rising for the first time!

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